Pupil’s Parliament

Why Eco- Pupil’s Parliament?

Pupils are the driving force behind any good school that offers quality education. The Eco-Pupils Parliament is a forum for learners to express their views, ideas & concerns regarding school life & their right to quality education.

Eco-Pupils Parliament & Path Finder Club at Divine Trust Learning Centre:

  • An Eco-pupil’s parliament & Path Finder club are an institutionalised representation or democratic form of co-management and co-determination in the process of planning and shaping of school life as well as self-discovery and schooling at Divine Trust Learning Centre.
  • It offers pupils a structure that enables them to shape school life with support from and in cooperation with teachers, school administration and parents
  • It enables pupils practice and take on responsibility at school and eventually outside school
  • The core of Eco pupil’s parliament is formed by regular sessions, usually monthly parliamentary sessions where selected representatives of pupils from all the seven classes in a school discuss topics and adopt resolutions to them
  • The Eco-pupil’s parliament has got a compact structure that conforms to the usual agenda structure of sessions or meetings
  • The structure has a speaker elected by pupils themselves who prepares and chairs sessions

Learners lead pupil centred School committees and carry out environmental review in light of environmental and quality education performance.

Through consultation with the rest of the school and the wider community, the pupils decide which sustainability themes to address and how they want to address them as part of creativity, innovation and skills development.