About our School

School Background

Divine Trust Learning Centre (DTLC) is located in Kakoba Mbarara City, offering Nursery, Day and Boarding Primary education services. It is an urban setting private school fully registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports under Reg. No. PPS/D/66.

Divine Trust Learning Centre offers reflective and action based teaching / learning handling pupils of 3 – 5 years and 6 – 13 years of age; teaching and facilitating their learning to know, to be and to do. The school started in 2017 with 91 pupils, and by 2020 COVID -19 country lockdown, the school enrolment had more than doubled to a total of 250 pupils.

Credit goes to the late Boniface Bituura Isingoma, (RIP), a professional primary teacher and business man, who at the age of 65 donated Divine Trust Learning Centre establishments as a caring parent, for the common good. The late died in June 2019 at the age of 85, succumbing to diabetes. MHSRIP.

Divine Trust Learning Centre is driven by the fear of God as the source of wisdom and a belter future.


“A Learning Centre offering Holistic Education for Sustainable Development”.


To Equip Learners with Knowledge and Action Competence for Academic Excellency with Potential to Address Real Life Challenges for Sustainability and Eternity.


Trusting in God for Wisdom and a better Future.


God Fearing, Punctuality, Respect, Litter Sensitivity, Sustainable Consumption, Co-Existence.